Linkar 1.5 release includes:

  • New Linkar Schemas Structure for defining additional properties in files definitions and dictionaries.
  • Linkar adjustments in order to work with plugins.
  • New Linkar Http Server for Linkar Schemas connections.
  • New Evaluation License with Expiration Date.
  • New Linkar Schemas parameters. General Parameters named Master Parameters and EntryPoint Parameters.
  • COMMON BLOCKS for files. Linkar could have 100 opened files in each EntryPoint improving performance.
  • GetVersion function enlarged.
  • New LkSchemas, LkProperties and GetTable functions.
  • New Linkar Client library for .Net Framework Core.

Linkar MANAGER changes:

  • Configuration Tab:

New Linkar Schemas button in the main bar that gives http access to Linkar Schemas.

New Linkar Schemas buttons in the Linkar Manager Section that gives http and https access to Linkar Schemas.

New Master Parameters section for Linkar Schemas General Parameters.

New property in the User Section allowing or disallowing users the access to Linkar Schemas.

New Plugins Section in License Data, for Plugins management and activation.

Possibility to enable or disable handshaking in Socket or Telnet type connections (f.i. with D3/Windows Telnet).

  • Monitor Tab:

New option in the started EntryPoint contextual menu that allows you to reset COMMON BLOCKS.

  • Client Sessions Tab.

New Plugin Ref column that shows Session Plugin if it has been started by a plugin.

New ClientLibrary Type column. It shows the connected client type (.Net, Mono, Schemas,C Linux,C Windows)